Digital One Solutions

Digital One Solutions is a premier cloud services and software company supporting enterprises on digital transformation with leading cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and many more.

Digital One Solutions provides end-to-end support for customer to migrate into different leading cloud platforms with 7×24 support to ensure the business is up and running.

Digital One Solutions empowers enterprises with proprietary HR management system for efficient talent management.


Streamline HR processes,
maximize work efficiency and productivity
for sustainable business success.

Fund Application

Identify relevant funding opportunities, write compelling applications, and manage your application process.


A core set of essential security function
should be enforced in every cloud environment.

Managed Services

All in one digital transformation tool that you will ever you need

Cloud Adoption & Migration

Move your business to the cloud for scalability, security, and efficiency


Streamline software development and deployment

Performance Optimization

Enhance the speed and responsiveness of your applications

Web & Mobile Acceleration

Deliver lightning-fast web and mobile experiences to your users.