Think a single End-to-End solution, but with multiple use-cases.

We believe that we can be the most innovative solution provider by converging innovative products to make things simple, feasible and practical.

About Us

Straits Technology Solutions (STS) is a telecommunication solutions provider driving digital transformation opportunities in the wired and wireless network communication space, not limited to cellular 4G and 5G technologies, which includes WiFi-6, LORAWAN, NB-IOT and many more. The digital transformations are applicable in various business sectors ranging from telecom sectors to different vertical business segments from Oil & Gas, port, transportation, property development and many others, as well as industries which also require SMART technologies. STS operates in the field of telecommunication solutions and engineering, procurement and construction.

STS was established in 2021, successfully partnering with telecommunication infrastructure providers and working with property developers to provide SMART solutions, telecommunication access solutions and services. STS, the technology arm of the Straits Group, looks into innovative solutions to solve technical business needs to realize IR4.0.

Our Vision

As the local region pushes towards transforming into digitally-driven and high-income nations in the digital economy, STS is positioning itself to become the most innovative solutions provider in this digital transformation journey by converging innovative products to become one feasible and practical end-to-end solution.

Our Mission

To create real-world solutions ideas by converging ideas, creativities and innovations in communication and network technology.


The Builders of Tomorrow

Helming Straits Technology Solutions is a team of dynamic, resourceful and seasoned professionals with varied and vast expertise ranging from management to business development, technology to infrastructure.

Dato’ Sri Ho Kam Choy


Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin​


Dato’ David Yoong

executive director

Sunny Ho Khin Choy


John Ho Soon Choy


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Reach out to us today and get a copy of our corporate profile.​